Edradour - Amanda Reid
Edradour Distillery

Edradour Distillery

The stills at Edradour are some of the smallest in Scotland - their squat profiles and the use of worm tubs means less copper available for the sulphur molecules in the spirit vapour to react with. Subsequently, the style of spirit produced by Edradour could be heavy and oily.

However, the neck on the wash still is quite long, which prolongs the time the vapour is in the copper still.

Additionally, the spirit/low-wines still has a 'boil ball' re-flux chamber, which forces many of the heavier compounds in the low-wines back into the main cavity of the still, for re-distillation. A spirit purifier sits between the still and the worm tub condensers in a further attempt to capture some of the heavier compounds.

For more information head to http://www.wanderingspirits.global/edradour-distillery/

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